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Since 1894

Since 1894

8th Masonic District

Step into a world steeped in Masonic heritage and discover the captivating history of the 8th District. The roots of our district as we know it today trace back to the landmark Grand Lodge proceedings of 1894. It was during this pivotal event that the boundaries of the 8th District were redefined, bringing together the remarkable counties of Clinton, Greene, Fayette, and Pickaway. Together, these four counties proudly host a total of 16 esteemed lodges.

But let’s rewind to the year 1887, when the 8th District’s story begins. At that time, Ohio had only six districts. However, an extraordinary transformation was about to take place. As part of this monumental change, Morrow, Marion, Union, Delaware, Madison, and Franklin counties formed the original counties within the 8th District. Meanwhile, Pickaway was part of the 12th District, while Greene, Clinton, and Fayette belonged to the 13th District. It was not until the restructuring in 1894 that these counties found their rightful place within the boundaries of the 8th District.

Embark on a remarkable journey through time as we explore the legacy of the 8th District, unravelling the intertwined histories of these counties and their enduring connection to Freemasonry. Experience the rich traditions and vibrant communities that have shaped our district into what it is today.

Grand Lodge Seal

Brotherly Love, Relief, Truth

Our Brothers

Caring for each other and our communities, helping and assisting those in distress, and using knowledge and understanding to improve ourselves, our families, and our communities.

In this critical time, the world is in dire need of individuals who embody honor and integrity. It calls for men who foster unity instead of division, who actively pursue truth and extend Brotherly Love to all, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or creed. The world requires men who consistently uphold virtuous behavior and possess unwavering character, constantly striving to improve themselves.



The world’s demand surpasses a mere need for men; it requires the presence of Masons.

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